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From a single web page to a complete printed merchandise program, no matter the scale of your project, many aspects are common such as timeline (delivery date) or your contact information. To provide you with some insight on what to expect from, you may consult the steps listed below for complete detailed descriptions of the design process:

Step 1 - Client Meeting

An initial meeting takes place between the client and a representative. This meeting can take place in person, by telephone or email.

During the initial meeting, the representative will gather information about you and your project which may include:

1. Contact Information

You will be asked to provide some information so that can contact you with questions that may arise in regards to your project. This information may consist of; contact name, telephone or mobile number, name of organization, email address and web address is applicable.

2. Product Requested

The goal is to determine what type of products and services you are looking for and the output method. Are you looking for prepress design services (business cards, brochures, catalogues, posters, etc.), internet based products (website design, development and maintenance) or any other of the products and services offered by

3. Timeline

In correspondence with the mandate of, a delivery date for the requested products and services will be established to ensure your project is completed in a time sensitive manner.

4. Target Budget Range

Like purchasing a new home or property, a target budget range will help provide your organization with options that best suit your current budget. To secure your organization's growth potential and in accordance with's mandate, the provided options will be functional, adaptable and sustainable.

5. Supporting Text, Graphics and Images

Depending on the requested product or service, you may be asked to provide with material pertaining to your project. This material may consist of your organization's logo, printed samples such as brochures or catalogues, company slogan, etc.

6. System Information

Depending on the nature of the requested products and services, may request some information about your computer's operating system and software versions. Since the internet makes use of several different types of computer operating systems, this information will allows to tailor solutions that are best suited for your organization's computer systems and ensure a user friendly computer environment.

7. Organization Structure offers various discount options based on your organization's sector and or structure. Before providing a project estimate on your project, you will be asked a few questions so that can determine is you are eligible for a discount.

Step 2 - Project Estimate

Upon receiving the details surrounding your project. You will be provided with a detailed written estimate. The estimate generally contains some proposed project options based on the requested products and services and a breakdown of the cost involved in bringing your project to completion. Depending on the scope of your project, the estimate will be delivered within 24 to 48 hours. The project estimate will also contain information on payment options and policies.

Step 3 - Account Creation

Upon approval of the project estimate, a customer account will be created with At this stage, you will be asked to provide with your complete billing information. This information will consist of your organizations name, mailing address, telephone number, fax number, email address, a primary person's contact information as well as a secondary person's contact information (if available). The primary contact person will be in charge of providing approval or revision request during the design and development stages and the secondary person will be authorized to request changes to your account when and if it is requested.

Step 4 - Design Stages

Before proceeding to the design stages, you will be asked to provide remaining material not yet delivered to such as your organization's logo and any other material that may enhance the production of a design proof. From this stage forward, you will be kept informed on the status of your project every step of the way.

Stage 1 - Design Proof

Based on the option selected from the project estimate, a design proof shall be assembled and provided to you. You will have the opportunity to request revisions of the design. It is important that you indicate all possible changes to the design before proceeds with the design revisions.

Stage 2 - Design Revision

If you have requested any revisions in the previous stage, they will be applied to the design and you will be provided with a revised version.

Stage 3 - Design Approval

Once you are pleased with the results, you will be asked to provide approval of the design. Upon receipt by of the approval, the project will then move to the production stage.

Step 5 - Production Stage

During the production stage, the items listed in the project estimate will be executed based on the approved design. Throughout the production stage and until project completion, you will be provided with detailed descriptions of the completed and remaining task regularly so that you may monitor progress. At any point during production, if issues arise that may affect the original project estimate, you will be notified immediately.

Step 6 - Product Delivery

Your project is now complete and ready for delivery. Based on the details stated in the project estimate, the final product will be delivered to it's destination (published to the internet, delivered to a print shop, or other predefined delivery method). In addition to having your project files delivered to it's destination, you will also be provided with all of the supporting digital files used for the production of your project.


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